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Emergency Training Videos and Information


Emergency Training Videos are reserved for UNO faculty, staff, and students only. You will be required to enter your UNO NetID and password to view these videos. This is the same username and password that allows access to Blackboard and online Lotus Notes Email. For more information on your UNO NetID and password please click here

Violence Prevention Information

Active Shooter Information

The offices of Campus Security, Human Resources, and Academic & Student Affairs have developed a resource document to use in the event a violent intruder or active shooter incident should occur. This document can be copied and distributed to any group. Responding To A Violent Intruder Or Active Shooter.

Active Shooter Videos

Emergency Alert Information:

Information regarding the emergency procedures at UNO related to Health, Weather, Threat, Fire, Pandemic, and Maintenance events can be found on the web at the UNO Emergency Site.

In the event of an emergency situation, the University will use several different methods of communication. Those include the following:

2. Your Lotus Notes E-Mail Account.
3. The PC Alert System the will scroll a banner message on all UNO networked computers.
4. SMS Text Messaging. This service is free to all UNO students, faculty, and staff. To sign up for this service go to e2Campus
-The following document explains how easy it is to sign up for this free service. E2Campus Setup
5. The Overhead Paging System.